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Since the dawn of time, people have gazed in jealous awe at the birds, imagining the adventure of taking wings to exotic places in the mind. Despite the invention of machines that now give us this freedom, the ability to pilot them has remained unachievable for most people. That was until now!  The Ufly Sims flight simulators Sunshine Coast Noosaville, give you the ability to pilot your dreams and indulge your passion in a choice of two full-size cockpits, representing two very distinct types of aeroplane.

Flight Simulator Noosa Sunshine CoastThe marked difference between most “entertainment” simulators, is that the Noosa-based Ufly Sims, are owned and operated by a current and retired Airline Captain with extensive world wide flying experience. They are authentic training devices used by real airline personnel to hone their skills. That means you will get the most realistic flight experience available with your feet still on the ground.

We are very proud of the quality and complexity of the full wrap-around scenery, which matches the totally “real” nature of the cockpits. Flying the B737 or the C172, you will have your hands on real controls with functioning gauges and switches, through state-of-the-art simulator computer software. Plus the whole flight comes with instruction from real airline pilots with real experience.

The team at Ufly Sims invites you to come onboard and give wings to your dreams. See what it is really like to command a modern, multi-million dollar jet airliner out of London or to pilot a light aircraft around the skyline of Sydney.

Come on! Let us give you wings! Phone Ufly Sims Flight Simulators on  0408 796 039

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