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Desire to fly fulfilled

As a boy I used to watch the Spitfires fly off in squadron formations to engage the German raiders and the experience engendered a desire to pilot one of those magnificent aircraft.   National Service saw me enlisted into the Royal Air Force and of course I applied for aircrew.   But alas,  I was diagnosed to be colour blind.

I have always had this unfulfilled desire to fly, so when the opportunity arose to enjoy the flying  experience sitting along-side a British Airways Captain (ret.) in a  737 flight  simulator, I was beside  myself with excitement.   This was an experience which I shall always remember.   We went through all the pre-flight routines and checks, prior to taxiing to the take off runway.   Once we had clearance for take off the Captain opened the throttle and we were speeding down the runway.  As we took off, the sensation of achieving altitude was real looking down at the ground receding.

I am looking forward to my next opportunity to repeat this experience!

Many thanks to Tony and Tress   

~ Arthur W