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Testimonial from Jamison Kehl

Hi Captain Tony and Tressa,
Flying your Cessna 172 simulator was great fun, even if I could only reach the rudder pedals with my tippy toes.

Testimonial from Jamison Kehl
It was just like we we actually flying from Townsville to Ingham where my grandma lives. I had to pinch myself – I forgot that we were in a simulator! I felt very proud that I was the first to find the airstrip at Ingham. I really loved doing the barrel roll! I hope that one day I can fly in a real aeroplane and do a real barrel roll. Maybe I will some day when I learn to fly. Thank you for such a fun time and I hope we see you again soon. I’m also sending you some pictures in case you want to use them on your web site. Bye! Jamison Kehl (age 11)