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Thank You



Thank you for such a wonderful experience at Ufly sims during our recent
visit to Noosa.

I have some prior flight experience and the simulator experience was just
like flying the real thing!

I flew both the Cessna 172 and the more challenging Boeing 737 and both were
huge fun and provided real challenge.

Whether it is landing in France among snow capped mountains or in Hong Kong
in a cross wind, the Boeing 737 let's you experience the sensation of
flying one of the world's advanced jetliners while at the controls in the
full flightdeck. 

I will definitely be back to hone my skills!


Unforgettable Experience








Dear Tony & Tress,

I thank you both for your time and patience during my recent visit to your simulators in Noosa.

Tony, your encouraging, relaxed manner certainly made this an unforgettable experience, I cannot believe that I was tutored by such a professional 747/400 Captain. I appreciate that you explained everything and made it so easy to understand.

The whole experience was so real, hence my heavy breathing/perspiration when I was taking off from Bhutan airport in the Himalayas! Maybe I should have chosen a less challenging place of departure.

Your equipment and facilities are superb, I felt like I was at NASA, everything was so new and spotlessly clean. This is such a credit to you.

The big bonus was my family could actually sit in the planes also; this was fantastic as they had paid for the experience for my birthday and they were warmly welcomed and involved in everything that was going on.

Tress was also an absolute delight and the unexpected inflight coffee and biscuits were appreciated and enjoyed by all.

Since our journey I have not stopped raving about what an awesome experience this was, I highly recommend this, the service we had truly was First Class.

Thank you so much, we will certainly be back in the near future, unfortunately for me though, next time it will be my wife in the Captain’s chair.




Testimonial from Jamison Kehl

Hi Captain Tony and Tressa,
Flying your Cessna 172 simulator was great fun, even if I could only reach the rudder pedals with my tippy toes.

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What a celebration!

My simulator flight/s was a birthday present from my family and I couldn’t have wished for anything better.  Everyone at Ufly Sims made the whole experience so enjoyable and interesting from start to end.  The Cessna flight was a fantastic experience and being able to have the family in the plane during the Boeing flight as passengers made it even more special.  I would definitely recommend it to anyone as an experience not to be missed.

~Pam,Ross and Family

Desire to fly fulfilled

As a boy I used to watch the Spitfires fly off in squadron formations to engage the German raiders and the experience engendered a desire to pilot one of those magnificent aircraft.   National Service saw me enlisted into the Royal Air Force and of course I applied for aircrew.   But alas,  I was diagnosed to be colour blind.

I have always had this unfulfilled desire to fly, so when the opportunity arose to enjoy the flying  experience sitting along-side a British Airways Captain (ret.) in a  737 flight  simulator, I was beside  myself with excitement.   This was an experience which I shall always remember.   We went through all the pre-flight routines and checks, prior to taxiing to the take off runway.   Once we had clearance for take off the Captain opened the throttle and we were speeding down the runway.  As we took off, the sensation of achieving altitude was real looking down at the ground receding.

I am looking forward to my next opportunity to repeat this experience!

Many thanks to Tony and Tress   

~ Arthur W