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Jet Airliner Simulator Sunshine Coast BrisbaneFlight Simulators Sunshine Coast with Ufly Sims

All flights are supervised and are under the guidance of a friendly experienced pilot.

Pilot your dreams and take control in your choice of either a jet airliner with an 11 seat cabin or a 4 seat piston aircraft simulator. Your friends and family can be part of your experience.

Select your departure airport from a range of International locations (maybe a bush or beach strip in the small piston aircraft) and fly with friends and family at Ufly Sims Flight Simulators Sunshine Coast.

Fly the small 4-seater simulator, then jump on board (with your guests) to demonstrate your new found piloting skill in the jet simulator, all under the guidance of an experienced pilot. Take home a print out of your flight path including take offs and landings (e.g. your perfect Instrument Approach into a busy London Heathrow airport in snow conditions). All this at Ufly Sims Flight Simulators Sunshine Coast.

Allow 15 minutes prior to start time to watch a simulator control operation video.

•  Keep it on record with a print out of your approach
•  Ufly Sims t-shirts $15
•  Your choice of 30, 60 or 90 minute packages available.
•  Simulator flight experience vouchers available for that special occasion. Order by phone now on 0408 796 039  or email us.